BMW 530D transformed by BG Diesel Induction service


View the original BMTech Testimonial here! I wanted to pass on my first hand experience and awesome results with the BG diesel intake clean.

The customers vehicle was a 2008 BMW 530D, which came to us with the check engine light illuminated and very low power output. We found the car very sluggish, almost like it had no boost pressure. The fault code reading showed a particulate filter blocked/low flow issue. Before any evasive action like replacing the DPF or taking the vehicle on a forced burn drive, which would cost the customer a large amount of money with no clear indication of wether the issue would be fully resolved, we decided to run a BG diesel intake clean using the supplied apparatus.

We ran a full diagnostic test on the car before the intake clean and found the DPF back pressure to be at 68mBAR. Average specification of a good unit is 15-20mBAR. We ran the BG diesel intake clean and noticed extreme amounts of smoke pouring out of the exhaust, more than any other diesel intake clean we had performed. It became quite obvious that the BG clean was doing its job, burning all of the deposits from the engine and the DPF.

We finalised the intake clean and road tested the vehicle. The results were immediate, full power and no check engine light returned. After a long drive the vehicle was connected back to the diagnostic machine to see the back pressure reduction achieved. The new figures showed 3.8mBAR, down form the original 68mBAR! We also noticed at the same coolant temperature of 72 degrees, that the exhaust gas temperature  reduced from 244 degrees to 144 degrees.

Fantastic results and fixed at an economical price, which left the customer very happy.

After 15 years in the trade I have been sold hundreds of different 'additives' and cleaning agents that are promoted as being the best on the market. So far nothing has compared to BG's products.

Cheers, Foreman/Technical Manager BM Tech Canterbury

View the original BMTech Testimonial here!