Our Quality Statement

For 41 years, technology and quality have always been key to what BG Products, Inc., stands for and how we’ve positioned our brand in the marketplace.

During this time, BG has produced and marketed the highest quality products and services for the automotive, commercial and fleet industries worldwide. Our belief is that if you control fuel and lubricant-produced carbon deposits in all automotive systems (e.g. engine, transmission, drive line), you retain excellent system efficiency and extended service life.

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on R&D to develop and test our products, equipment and services both to ensure efficacy and to ensure that our products do not have detrimental effects on vehicle systems and components. To back these concepts, our product development requires extensive laboratory testing, materials compatibility testing and field trials to prove chemistry performance, co-harm to the respective system and service equipment efficiency and durability. In short, we guarantee that our products do what we say they do.

To back this up, we carry $10,000,000 worth of product liability insurance.

To stand on the consistent quality of our products, BG Products, Inc., is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. BG made the strategic business decision years ago to peruse and obtain certification. That means we believe in the necessity of providing offerings that consistently meet specifications, customer and applicable requirements in our industry. This allows us to manage our quality in a systematic approach while constantly seeking continuous improvement opportunities.

As our valued customer, you can be assured that BG Products, Inc., invests a great deal of time, research and independent laboratory testing to validate the effectiveness and safety of our products and service equipment. We stand by the success of our products and equipment and believe they are the best on the market today.



Dustin W. Willhite
Technology Director